Another day,another MD

So here I am waiting for my ENT doctor to summon me back.

The hack that I have shared with one of my BFF ‘s Juls will hopefully be dissected and allergy medication will be updated. If I am lucky, he’ll clean the ears out well enough that I’ll hear everything in court. It is funny, but I put a lot of these visits off last year because of my new knees. Now I am glad I have them so I can play catch- up with all these appointments.


Clearing the deck

Actually going to work tomorrow….for one day!

If you remember, gentle reader, my prediction of working three days this week made in a prior post.

I was wrong.

I am clearing up the decks getting ready for my first day on the jury, which is Thursday. Little things like putting a message on office email, etc.

And then? Time to worry……

Stay tuned!!