Losing a bud.

I was shocked this morning when one of my best friends, Juls, texted me to say her 12-year-old golden retriever, Brinley, died in her arms. That’s Brin and Juls in the above picture with me and Zush.

As my pal Juls said of Brinley, she was a classy gal. I’d like to think Zush learned from hanging around with her. Poor Brin was hit by a UPS truck when she was six and made it through 4 surgeries and physical therapy and fought like a trooper. She got to know Zusher first, and later “tolerated” Kasia, as did Zush.**hahahaha** She took to the younger pups, suffered no fools, and was comfortable in her own skin, as is Zush.

I wish I was with my pal Juls now, as I know we’d both be quivering masses of tears.Dog moms are like that, as these guys are our kids too.As I sit here and type this, tears are filling my eyes because I loved Brin-she was a special gal. I know Zush and Kasia and I will meet up with her again, but until then, I will miss her. I never got a chance to thank her for all the love she gave, but, I think she knew it.

Rest up, Brin- you’ll need your energy for when we all catch up with you.