Next Food Network Star

The Next Food Network Star is starting its new season tonite on the Food Network.

Last season’s winner was the Sandwich King, Jeff Mauro. This year they have three teams, with one led by Giada DeLaurentis, one by Alton Brown, and one by Bobby Flay. It is a twist on the usual show that they offer, so there might be enough here to get me watching every Sunday night.

So far, all of the contestants are either chefs, bakers, or have something to do with food for a living. They have to or they would have never gotten picked up to be on the show. I laugh as I watch this, because some of the dishes I have seen come out would never cut it with folks that I know.

I think I secretly wish that I could prepare a meal fit for Food Network. So far, looking at this, I might not be too far…**joking**


Here’s hoping the season is good.