Just waiting patiently for new announcers

After last night and the graduation festivities, we are home tonite watching the Phillies game on television.

We can’t stand the one announcer, Gary Matthews. Just listening to his voice is like scruffy sandpaper, and it really has gotten to be annoying over the years.I think that there are various pages on Facebook petitioning to get a new color play-by-play announcer, but there seems to be nothing more than a superficial movement , which is  even more frustrating. I always was all for turning down the volume on the television and listening to the audio/radio announcers, but unfortunately, unless it is for a world series, the two never seem to be in synch.

Oh well, there is more than one way to get around this :   am going to get washed, go to bed, and put the game on the radio.

Might as well enjoy it!