If the trailer is a-rockin’….

…don’t come  a-knockin’….

Below is the surprise I found when I got home from work yesterday. Sorry, but I took the picture at sunset so the lighting is off. It’s a construction worker’s trailer.

As you come up the street, I was having heart failure because it appeared to be immediately in front of our house. Fortunately it’s not: it’s in front of our neighbors. Turns out that the city will be putting new water mains up and down the street and parking will be limited**quoting the no parking signs** from 3-27-2012 thru 7-27-2012. Yes, you read right. FOUR months. Four months of coming out of my house every morning and seeing this monstrosity in the street. What get’s me is there are TWO apartment buildings across the street from us: why they felt the need to put this in front of a residence I’ll never know.

So, unlike the Costanzas in Seinfeld, “Shingleman” and I will NOT be rockin’ this trailer…we’ll only be marking the days off the calendar until the mess is finished.


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59 year old married female, care-giving, coffee-drinking.dog loving former government employee who is writing to try to keep her sanity.

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