Have you got something for a headache?

So it’s been the first week for new hires here in the office, as well as promotions for those who took the Supervisory test and passed.

I laugh and laugh, because, just like high school, those who fit in cliques are now in cliques. People who have been here under ten years are now so “professional” and won’t shut up. So ideally, you try to busy up, and take care of paperwork, and making sure your own area is in order.In order to do that, however, you make your ENT Appointment because you know your eardrums are compromised by the earphones you are wearing to keep the noise out. I have to laugh because even as I speak, a co-worker is pontificating in the hallway outside of my cubicle and if he realized how STUPID he sounds, well, I imagine he’d shut up

Working on my first cup of coffee and grabbing for the headphones…catch you guys later!