Bye Jamie!

One of my fondest childhood memories was my Dad and I going to Veterans’ Stadium in Philadelphia, and catching Philadelphia Phillies baseball games.

One pitcher I admired back then was Jim Lonburg, who was known as Gentleman Jim. Not very noisy, as some players are today with regard to the press. He got up there and did his job.

Another pitcher I admired on the 2008 team was Jamie Moyer- I often made the parallel of him with Jim Lonborg. A lot was made of Moyer’s age, but he certainly was on the mound against the Florida Marlins a lot- the Phillies referred to him as the fish whisperer.

Hard times hit Jamie-he had Tommy John surgery last year, and today it broke that the Colorado Rockies offered him a minor league contract.

I’ll miss you Jamie. You were my#50, and no one will ever take your spot, in my eyes.