No pictures today

My MacBook Pro and I are still in a honeymoon phase .

I have my iPhone attached and was trying to make an upload of a picture that was supposed to be the subject of this post. I sit here wondering where do I pull this picture

Anyway, as it is January and EVERYONE and their mother is doing calorie counting and every commercial on the face of the earth is diet related, I bit the bullet and bought us…chicken sausage. I saw it and said, hey, why not? So I bring home the said chicken sausage, prepared it on the grill, toasted the roll, only to have Jim say-“It looks like a hot dog.” Multiply that by a bazillion times while I was preparing it.Then I served it to him on a  roll, this was after he scouted the label out in the trash and, upon first bite, pronounced,” Tastes like a hotdog.”….


Hillshire farms, well, you heard it here first.

Oh well..I tried.