Hiking Boys and their fur children

The picture is of my Jim and our friend Tim- we were hiking at Boiling Springs, PA and the boys , along with our Zusher, age 10 and their Brinley, age 12, took a breather.

We are back after spending New Years with our friends in Carlisle,PA. Juls and Tim live on, what Jim and I affectionately call, March Mountain. Outside of a spectacular house and beautiful grounds, it was so heartwarming to see the pups having a wonderful time. Our Kasia girl was running with their papillion, Lily and smiling all the time. Their grounds are so expansive that the girls could just run and run without stopping. They were wiped out at night, so that was a good thing.

Now we’re back to reality, with my keurig just chugging along trying to keep me awake.

This will be a rough one: I’d sooner be home under the blankets…lol